Ohio Labor Board

The Ohio Labor Board is there to help you and I in regards to any issues that we may incur while working in our state. In Ohio our minimum wage is $5.15 per hour for non tipped employees and $2.13 per hour for tipped employees. This is in accordance with the national minimums for wages. Our superintendent of the Ohio labor board is Gordon Gatien who is working very hard to not only make sure we are treated properly either as employees or as employers but that we get the help and services that we need from our very own labor board.

The Ohio labor board is responsible for enforcing all of the labor laws that protect us. This not only applies to the minors in our state but anyone who is employed in our state. The state also takes a lot of time and patience to help all employers to understand the labor laws especially when it comes to minors and the limitations that are placed on them in accordance with Ohio laws. They do this by enforcing the laws as well as by performing inspections to insure that the places that we are working at are safe as well. They do this through the use of OSHA as well as through other organizations to maintain the safe work environment for all of us.

In Ohio our unemployment rate for June was 5.1% which is just a little bit higher than the national average of 4.8%. However that is a decrease from the previous month of 5.3% which continues to show how we are improving and making strides to improve the welfare of our state workers. With the Ohio Labor Board there are many things that they are working on to help bring down the unemployment rate as well as determining how to best handle any employment issues that may arise in the future.

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