Maine State Mileage Reimbursement Law Requirements

The Maine code governing travel expenses defines those bound to mileage reimbursement as all state officers, employees, and volunteers that agencies have legal authority to utilize, unless otherwise provided by law. Persons other than state officers and employees, where travel expenses are authorized by statute but the statute is silent as to amount Contractors, unless there are specific contractual arrangements modifying travel reimbursement. In addition claimants of Workers Compensation benefits.

Reimbursable transportation expenses include the costs of all necessary business travel on railroads, airlines, ships, buses, private motor vehicles, and other usual means of conveyance. The agency head, or authorized designee may authorize the use of a privately owned motor vehicle in the conduct of official state business when it is more advantageous or economical to the state that a person travel by a privately-owned vehicle rather than a common carrier or a state owned or operated passenger motor vehicle. The current mileage allowance is $.36 per mile except for employees who are handicapped and who operate their own personal wheelchair lift or other specially equipped vehicle, than the rate is $.45 per mile.

If you are injured on the job your employer will pay for medicine and for mileage to and from your visits to health care providers at the current state rate. If you choose to seek independent medical examination your employer is only required to reimburse you for travel at $.26 per mile.

If you travel frequently for work than you are probably aware of your companies travel regulations. If you do not travel regularly than you may want to discuss these policies beforehand so that you are aware of what is reimbursable. Keep in mind that travel expenses that are not paid may be tax deductible. If however you are reimbursed and the amount falls within federal standards you do not have to report that money as income

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