Florida’s (FL) Mileage Reimbursement Laws

The state of Florida does not have any laws governing mileage reimbursement except with respect to Workers Compensation. There is no minimum amount set forth or enforced by the state. Most employers, public and private do pay for travel expenses including mileage reimbursement as an act of good faith.

Some employers pay their employees at a rate lower than that set forth by the IRS and in that case the difference may be deducted for tax purposes, however if paid at a higher rate than the excess will be counted as taxable income.

State employees are paid a fixed rate per mile for business related travel. They are required to use the least expensive method of travel available and are paid mileage for the most direct route. The state of Florida also maintains a motor pool which must be used for business related travel whenever possible.

Since January 2006 several bills have been proposed which have addressed the issue of mileage reimbursement. Each of the proposed bills would affect the people of different state agencies, yet they all had one common agenda. It will be interesting to see if from these bills if a new law arises.

Many state employees, in different divisions and related agencies felt that the current fixed rate fell way below the average as compared to other states. Each of these bills proposes to amend the rate to match that of the federal standard rate set forth by the IRS rather than a fixed rate. As of July 1, 2006 the rate was increased from $.29 to $.445 per mile.

The Workers Compensation Department of Insurance will reimburse injured employees at the new rate for reasonable travel to and from approved medical treatments. The IRS will adjust the amount in accordance with the current trend in gas pricing, new car costs, and insurance rates.

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