Free vs. Paid Labor Law Posters: What’s the Difference?

Free labor law posters are ones you find online, download, and print out yourself. Though free posters may sound enticing, business owners might find the risks not worth it.


On top of federal requirements, each state has specific requirements that may be tough to track down and there’s a chance you could miss one. Finding, downloading, and printing each poster is a time consuming process for a business owner.


Posters need to be of a certain size and typeface or you could face fines. Free, downloadable ones could come as files that aren’t up to code. Paid ones not only ensure compliance but they also come laminated, making sure your posters avoid normal wear and tear and look more professional in your workplace versus printing out individual posters.


Changes in laws are frequent and you’ll need to be sure you have the current posters to stay compliant. Certain websites may not update the free ones fast enough and not all posters are created equal. There can be misleading places on the internet claiming to have free or paid posters that aren’t actually compliant with state and federal laws.

You can both save time and ensure compliance by purchasing labor law posters from LaborLawCenter™,  guaranteeing that all the required and most up-to-date employment laws are included on each poster. On top of that, we’ll notify you via email, mail and/or phone when there are changes and updates to posters, keeping you compliant year round. We’ve ensured labor law compliance for 10,000+ businesses of all sizes since 1999 and offer both printable and high quality laminated posters that can be shipped next day. If you want to avoid the leg work of staying up to date, sign up for our labor law poster subscription service and we’ll automatically send new posters when laws suddenly change to keep you compliant 365 days a year.

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