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Going Green

LaborLawCenter™ is Committed to an Eco-Friendly Workplace

At the LaborLawCenter™, we are committed to maintaining and operating an eco-friendly workplace. We realize that when we conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner, we contribute to preserving the environment for future generations. With our daily workflow and processes, we routinely evaluate potential areas of inefficiency and waste, so we can make continual strides towards environmental responsibility.

We are in the business of making sure that other businesses achieve their compliance requirements. As with many other businesses, our daily operations require a substantial volume of paper, printing, and shipping resources so that we can deliver what our customers need in a timely and expedited manner. For this reason, we believe that operating an eco-friendly workplace is a top priority – one that we strongly encourage both internally, as well as externally with our customers, partners, and suppliers.

Some of the methods we use to limit energy and resource consumption include:

  • Utilizing eco-friendly paper, ink cartridges, light bulbs, and other materials throughout the office so we can conserve resources and minimize waste
  • Developing customized compliance products and services that are digital-based, and do not require the use of printing, laminating, or shipping resources
  • Working collectively as a team so that all employees take an active role in reducing, recycling, and re-using workplace supplies and materials whenever possible
  • Informing our customers, partners, and suppliers of our commitment to eco-friendly standards, while encourage them to take an active involvement in green conservation methods

We realize that every effort counts when it comes to creating a more energy-efficient workplace. Internally, we work as a team to encourage and instill a culture of energy-efficient practices and resource conservation. Whether it means reminding a peer to shut down his or her computer, or volunteering to route recyclables to the closest recycling center – we all do our part to maintain an environmentally-responsible working environment.

Does Your Company Work Green?

We are also committed to helping our customers, partners, and suppliers achieve eco-friendly standards. For your convenience, we offer a free Top 10 Ways Your Company Can Go Green Poster. This poster is designed to help you remind your employees of the best ways to conserve energy and resources while at work. Some of these ways include:

Internal Recycling Program

1. Make it a priority to recycle all paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials by placing them in recycling bins located throughout the office. Designate one employee who will be responsible for collecting and routing the office recyclables to the local recycling center as needed.
2. Make sure to recycle all empty ink cartridges, toners, print heads, etc., through cartridge recycling programs offered by ink companies and suppliers.

Shipping Materials

3. When shipping products or materials through the mail, you use recycled shipping and packaging materials whenever possible.

Using Recycling Print-Related Materials

4. Make it a priority to purchase printing cartridges that are made from previously recycled materials.
5. Use recycled paper for all office purposes and to print posters. Stretch paper resources farther by printing on both sides of the paper.

Office Water Supply

6. Make filtered water dispensers available to all employees so it is not necessary to drink from plastic water bottles. Also make plastic water containers or mugs available, instead of Styrofoam cups.

Energy Efficiency

7. Make it a priority to turn off all computers, lights and other equipment are turned off when not in use, or when it is not necessary to use.
8. Purchase energy-efficient equipment and light bulbs for use throughout the workplace.

Alternative Transportation

9. Encourage all start to use alternate transportation methods to and from work whenever possible, such as taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking to work.
10. Initiate internal carpool schedules so employees can carpool with each other whenever possible.

Green Mission Statement

LaborLawCenter is committed to maintaining and operating an environmentally responsible business. We recognize the importance of doing our part to conserve energy and natural resources, so we can help preserve the environment for future generations. We realize that when we minimize our environmental footprint within our daily processes and operations, we expand upon the value that we deliver to our customers. We strive to achieve environmental excellence, and will continue to educate our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers on the importance of environmental responsibility.