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Sexual Harassment for Employees

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Sexual Harassment for Employees


Most employees have heard the term "sexual harassment". But many of them do not know exactly what it means. More importantly, they may not be aware that some of the things they do might be considered sexual harassment. When people think about sexual harassment they often picture a male supervisor cornering a female employee to make unwanted sexual advances. While most reported cases do involve females being harassed by males, people of both genders, of any age and of any sexual orientation, can be victims.

The first in a three-part series on sexual harassment in the workplace, the training products on "Preventing Sexual Harassment... for Employees" discuss various forms of sexual harassment, explain how to avoid inadvertently sexually harassing someone and review the procedures employees should follow if they feel that they or a coworker are being sexually harassed. Topics covered in these products include:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment.
  • Behaviors to avoid.
  • Recognizing victims and harassers.
  • Avoiding "accidental" harassment.
  • How to handle a sexual harassment incident.
  • Reporting sexual harassment to management.
  • and more.

Purchasing Options:

Kit (Available in DVD Or VHS Format)

  • The kit provides all of the materials needed to promote and conduct a safety meeting. Each Kit contains a DVD or VHS program (see description below), 5 posters and 30 booklets. DVD and VHS kits come with an easy-to-use leader's guide, scheduling and attendance forms, and an employee quiz. Available in English and Spanish.

Program (Available in DVD Or VHS Format)

  • The DVD or VHS programs provide all the information that is needed for a comprehensive employee training session. Programs come with an easy-to-use leader's guide, scheduling and attendance forms, employee quiz and training certificate. DVDs are subtitled and allow the course to be played from beginning to end or by section, and are indexed so that sections can be accessed in any order. Available in English and Spanish.


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