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1 Year Compliance Protection Plan

1 Year Compliance Protection Plan™

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Replacement Poster Program

Get the Labor Law Poster AND replacement posters by selecting the replacement poster option at $62.99. A labor law poster will be shipped immediately and when an update occurs to the poster, we will mail a poster directly to you. One simple purchase will take care of your mandatory labor law poster compliance requirement. Learn More

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What's Included
NEW Complete State & Federal Labor Law Poster
New posters shipped immediately for mandatory updates at no extra cost
Online Account Management
Unlimited Compliance Guarantee
Expert monitoring

Labor Law Poster Specifications
  • Most current State and Federal labor laws
  • Poster size 25" x 39"
  • Vertical format
  • Front and back sides are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color

With over 13 years of commitment to the compliance industry and never receiving a posting violation, you can trust LaborLawCenter™ to manage your company's compliance with the Compliance Protection Plan™.

Our Compliance Experts monitor your account for mandatory updates to labor law posters and other compliance changes that affect your business. The hands-off administration and personalized service you receive with our Compliance Protection Plan™ is unrivaled.

Be confident in your company's compliance and guarantee it with the Compliance Protection Plan™

Plan Details
A new Complete State & Federal Poster is included with your initial purchase of the Compliance Protection Plan™. For the next 12 months, we monitor your account for mandatory state or federal updates. Posters are shipped at no additional cost for each mandatory update, regardless of how many updates occur during your term.

Automatic Renewals
The Compliance Protection Plan™ renews annually for zero lapse in coverage. Renewal notices are emailed one month in advance with the option to cancel. If we do not receive a response to cancel, your account will be renewed for another 12 months.

Unlimited Compliance Guarantee
If a location properly displays the latest poster delivered from LaborLawCenter™ and receives a government citation for improper posting content, we will reimburse ALL paid government posting fines—no matter what the cost.

You must submit a request for reimbursement and show documentation of the paid fine within 10 business days of paying the fine. Terms and Conditions apply.

Customer Testimonials

"Hi Charity, I just walked up front and got them. They're HEREEEEE!!!!! Thank you so much for your continued efforts to ensure that we received our posters. Please e-mail this to your supervisor, because you are a true asset to customer service."

—Felicia, Gainesville, FL
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