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Complete Federal Contractors Package

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Complete Federal Contractors Package


Federal contractors and subcontractors will want to evaluate their compliance requirements to ensure that all information is up-to-date. In addition to standard federal reporting requirements, additional postings are required for federal contractors and subcontractors and must be posted at each worksite. The Complete Federal Contractors Package is an all-inclusive package that includes all mandatory posting compliance for any federal contractor and subcontractor and can be used for multiple industry requirements. Purchase the Complete Federal Contractors Package and post only the posters that apply directly to your specific requirement. Compliance requirements will be included with package to explain the mandatory need of each poster.

The government’s response to failure to post varies. In some cases no penalties are assessed while in other cases penalties or court cases could result. For anyone doing business with the government, we encourage contractors and subcontractors to always err on the side of over compliance so that future government contracts are in no way jeopardized to due failure to comply.


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