Wyoming State Mileage Reimbursement Regulatory Requirements

Living and working within the State of Wyoming means that you might be eligible to receive compensation for miles spent on the clock in your own personal car or vehicle. In addition to getting reimbursement for normal car operating costs, you might also get money back for fees associated with toll roads, parking meters and garages, and possibly even valet parking. The amount you get will largely depend on your employer and the kind of policy they offer employees.

Employers across the United States offer their employees compensation for time spent in their own car. This can include those who use their private car to make business-related deliveries, pick ups, running errands for the company, traveling to off-site places and even picking up clients from the airport. There are employers in Wyoming that offer this reimbursement, however, as with any company, you will need to check with your company to find out the specifics.

I find that interesting that while the IRS does have a standard rate of mileage reimbursement, as a general rule, not all companies are required to comply. You should know that currently, the IRS minimum for this reimbursement is 48.5 cents per mile. This does not include other costs, such as those mentioned above. Some employers may choose to give their workers more or less, depending on the type of trip and the area. Others may give those who travel on a daily basis a certain sum per month or year to cover these expenses.

As an employee, you should know your rights and talk to your employer about allowing you to receive compensation for the miles you drive in your own car. Your company should not expect you to absorb these costs out of pocket. The Wyoming Mileage Reimbursement Law is designed to help protect you.

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