South Dakota Mileage Reimbursement Requirements for Businesses

If you live and work within the state of South Dakota, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the time you spend driving to and from work-related activities using your own private car. The South Dakota Mileage Reimbursement Law helps protect employees that use their own vehicle from spending out of pocket money on gas and wear and tear on their car.

Most employers that expect their employees to use their private vehicles for work, whether it is for delivery of products and goods, driving to the airport to pick up clients, driving to other work sites or running business related errands, know and comply with this mileage reimbursement law. If you find that you are using your own vehicle for work on a regular basis, I would recommend that you speak to your employer about getting compensation for your operation costs in your car.

In my research on this particular law, I found that every company is different on what they offer their employees when it comes to mileage reimbursement. For example, one company may be extremely specific about how the mileage is figured. If you leave from your home and drive to a location, and that drive is longer than the trip would have been from your office, your company may only pay your for the actual mileage from the office to the location. Other companies may be more lax in how they reimburse you for your mileage. In either case, it will be your responsibility to record all of your mileage and turn that information in to your company in a timely manner.

If you are employed within the state of South Dakota and find that you spend a large amount of time in your own car for work-related trips, you should take the time to talk to your employer about reimbursement. You are entitled to get compensation and you should find out how to go about getting the money that your employer owes you for using your own car.

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