2018 Louisiana Earned Income Tax Credit Notification


Louisiana requires that employers provide notice to employees of the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC).  Employees making $49,000 or less should be notified at the time of hiring of their potential for Earned Income Tax Credits or Advance Earned Income Credits. Earned Income Tax Credits are reductions in federal income tax liability for which employees may be eligible if they meet certain requirements.

Earned Income and adjusted gross income (AGI) must each be less than:

• $49,298 ($54,998 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children

• $45,898 ($51,598 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children

• $40,402 ($46,102 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child

• $15,310 ($21,000 married filing jointly) with no qualifying children


Notice Requirement

There is a mandatory notification of these annually adjusted rates.  At The Labor Law Center we continually monitor local, state and federal posting requirements and will make them available as soon as they are released .  The All-In-One Louisiana Labor Law Poster is now available with all of the latest updates, including the 2018 EITC notice.

The Labor Law Center also offers a worry-free service to our customers through our Poster Service Plan with automatic replacements.  What this means is that we monitor the state and federal postings and automatically send you updates when they are released.  It is that simple!

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