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California State Labor Law Poster

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California State Labor Law Poster


Product Specification:

  • This poster is 24.5" x 36.5"
  • Front and back sided are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color


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California and federal law mandates that you post both state and federal posters. For your convenience and preference, we currently offer both formats to assist you with your compliance needs. Posters are typically purchased separately (state and federal) due to a business' preference, or if size doesn't permit, a single State Only poster that may be larger. We are the industry's leading company that can provide you with either option including: the California State Only Labor Law Poster, which includes all mandatory state requirements on a single poster for $21.95, and the mandatory Federal Poster for $12.95, which you can add to your order in the purchasing options above. We conveniently offer either format for your selection.

Looking for a single poster that includes all mandatory regulations? Consider our California Complete Labor Law Poster. This oversized poster includes all state, federal, and OSHA requirements on single poster for $29.95. This poster is typically attractive to businesses that just want everything on one poster, rather than purchasing multiple posters to meet compliance requirements.

  • 2018 California Minimum Wage: $11.00
  • Transgender Rights in the WorkplaceNEW effective 1/1/2018
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Discrimination Notice
  • Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee
  • Family Care, Medical, and Pregnancy Disability Leave
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • CALOSHA - Health and Safety Protection
  • Access to Medical & Exposure Records
  • EDD Notice to Employees
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Payday Notice
  • Time Off to Voting Notice
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Withholding Allowance Notice to Employees
  • No Smoking Poster

Note: Businesses must post both a State poster and Federal poster to be in compliance.

Obtaining the state posting requirements has never been easier with the California State only labor law poster. The California state only poster has all the state mandated notices required to be posted at the workplace on one convenient poster. Save valuable employee time and money by simply indicating your quantity and version. All posters are conveniently offered in English and Spanish.

To be in FULL compliance, both the state AND federal laws must be posted at every worksite. Obtaining the federal labor law posters is just as easy. We offer a 20" x 26" poster that includes all the federal labor law posters on one simple poster. It should be posted next to your state mandatory poster.

California State Mandatory Updates

  • 12/2014 - Discrimination Notice Poster - Update to discrimination notice prohibits discrimination of interns/volunteers at workplaces
  • 12/2013 - Discrimination Notice Poster - Update includes the addition of military or veteran status as protected classes
  • 12/2013 - Minimum Wage Poster - Updated to reflect minimum wage increases for 2014 and 2016. The 2014 minimum wage is $9.00, effective July 1, 2014
  • 11/2014 - Paid Sick Leave - New posting regarding Paid Sick Leave law, effective 7/1/2015
  • 12/2013 - Unemployment Insurance Poster - Update includes physician/practitioner instead of doctor's office as an option for claiming disability insurance
  • 12/2013 - IRS Withholding Notice Poster - Update to Employee’s Withholding Allowance that has new classification for “Personal income Tax”
  • 12/2012 - Workers' Compensation - New guidelines for supplemental benefits including benefits in the form of a voucher for injuries occurring after 1/1/2013
  • 11/2012 - Discrimination Notice Poster - New update to employment discrimination, which gives more guidelines and protections for religious attire at work
  • 11/2012 - Disability Leave - Update to Notice A & B concerning pregnancy disability leave, new guidelines in “Notice B” section
  • 08/2010 - Workers' Compensation - Content Change
  • 12/2008 - Unemployment Insurance Poster - contact info change
  • 10/2006 - Minimum Wage Poster - Change Whole Information
  • 04/2015 - Notice A and B Leave Rights - Update to Notice B of the FMLA leave rights, newest update includes new text and guidelines for program eligibility and implementation for employees and employers
  • 12/2015 - Workers' Compensation - Due to new statutory changes, effective January 1, 2016, this poster now includes the requirement of MPN information. Other changes include reporting of injury revision and contact information
  • 12/2015 - Whistleblower Protection Act - Effective January 1, 2016, family members of whistleblowers are granted protection from retaliation. The added protection is now available on this updated poster
  • 04/2016 - Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee - Brand New pregnancy rights and obligations poster that consolidates previous versions known as "Notice A & B".
  • 12/2016 - Minimum Wage Poster - Updated to reflect new 2017 minimum wage rates, effective January 1, 2017. $10.50 for employers with 26 or more employees and $10.00 for employers with 25 or fewer employers.

California State Non Mandatory Updates

  • 09/2014 - OSHA - Minor update includes the addition of American Canyon and Redding as district offices and the removal of Concord and Santa Rosa offices
  • 07/2014 - Workers' Compensation - Updated to reflect San Francisco location as a regional office, replacing Oakland
  • 04/2014 - OSHA - Updated with “Safety Data Sheets” (SDS) information to replace “Material Safety Data Sheets” (MSDS)
  • 11/2013 - OSHA - Updated to list Orange County under Area & Field Offices
  • 04/2013 - OSHA - Very minor update to remove Orange County from the list of Area & Field Offices
  • 06/2014 - Time Off to Vote Notice - Updated with voting times, which start at 7:00am and end at 8:00pm
  • 09/2014 - Whistleblower Protection Act - Update includes a more comprehensive definition of a whistleblower
  • 12/2013 - IRS Withholding Notice Poster - Update to Employee’s Withholding Allowance that has new classification for “Personal income Tax”
  • 11/2012 - OSHA - Update for the CA OSHA poster, minor changes to various OSHA office locations
  • 07/2012 - OSHA - New tel number and address listings for various OSHA offices throughout California
  • 12/2011 - Paid Disability Leave - Major revision updates to the "Notice A and B"
  • 12/2011 - Discrimination Notice Poster - Gender, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information added to discrimination poster
  • 11/2011 - OSHA - Minor address & telephone number changes to various OSHA offices throughout California
  • 09/2011 - Paid Disability Leave - Notice A & B pertaining to FMLA and Pregnancy leave had only format and heading changes made, content unchanged
  • 06/2011 - Unemployment Compensation - Minor update to content made under "Employees of Educational Institutions"
  • 01/2011 - OSHA - Content has been updated
  • 05/2010 - OSHA - Content has been updated including contact information
  • 03/2009 - IRS Withholding Notice Poster - Two of the four conditions to be met have been removed
  • 09/2007 - Unemployment Insurance Poster - A new phone number was added to the poster along with the ability to file a claim online
  • 01/2015 - Access to Medical & Exposure Records - Updated with minor revision in formatting, website and new office address
  • 12/2015 - OSHA - Updated to include illness as a reason to contact Cal/OSHA along with minor cosmetic changes
  • 05/2016 - Time Off to Vote Notice - Update to "Time off to Vote" poster, changes includes new info on time off voting rights and new layout changes to poster.

Federal State Mandatory Updates

  • 02/2013 - FMLA Poster - Amendment expands the military family leave provisions and incorporates a special eligibility provision for airline flight crew employees, as well as making some additional regulatory changes
  • 11/2009 - Equal Employment Opportunity Is The Law (EEOC) - Addition of Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Regulation
  • 08/2009 - Anti-Discrimination Notice Poster - States work-authorized employees should not be discriminated against and which documents should be accepted
  • 08/2009 - IRS Withholding Notice Poster - Clarifies when the W-4 should be reviewed

Federal State Non Mandatory Updates

  • 05/2012 - NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) Poster  - NLRB issued a final notice on August 25, 2011, mandating most employers to post the NLRA poster. The enforcement and posting date of the poster has been postponed. Posting date will be announced as soon as it has been published
  • 03/2012 - Employee Polygraph Notice - New TTY number listed and QR phone reader added
  • Minimum Wage (CA Labor Code 1183(d)) Your workplace is subject to an order of the commission, which requires that you post information regarding the minimum wage. As per California's Minimum Wage statue, all employees are entitled to minimum wage and overtime standards. The California State Only Labor Law Poster allows you to conveniently post this information in a conspicuous location.
  • Whistleblower Protection (CA Labor Code 1102.8 (a)) Your employees have certain rights and protections with respect to whistleblowing in the workplace. Should an employee become aware that their employer is not in compliance with state or federal regulations, they are encouraged to contact the appropriate government agency to report the matter. The California State Only Labor Law Poster informs them of these rights, and includes a telephone number of the whistleblower hotline.
  • Workers Compensation Law (CA Labor Code 3550 (a)) You must provide employees with information regarding Workers' Compensation rights and obligations. All employees must be notified of relevant emergency contact information should they need to report an injury or illness that occurs in the workplace. The California State Only Labor Law Poster lets you display this information in a conspicuous location, so that your employees are informed, and your company is compliant.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Protection Law (CA Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 340) You are required by California law to post the CAL OSHA Notice of Employee Protections and Obligations. California employers, as mandated by CAL/OSHA, must provide their employees with a workplace that is free and clear of health and safety hazards. The California State Only Labor Law Poster covers this information and ensures that you're compliant with Labor Code Section 6328.
  • Payday Notice (CA Labor Code 207) California PayDay Notice mandates that all employers notify their workers of payday schedules. The California State Only Labor Law Poster allows you to post payday information – which is a requirement under CA Labor Code 207.
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits (CA Unemployment Insurance Code, 1089) The California State Only Labor Law Poster allows you to post, in a conspicuous location, information regarding unemployment insurance benefit rights and obligations. Employees are protected under an employers' unemployment insurance program, and may be subject to receive unemployment wages should they become unemployed through no fault of their own.
  • Discrimination Notice. Your workplace must be free of discrimination. The California Discrimination Notice mandates employers cannot discrimination against employees or work applications in regards to employment situations such as hiring, firing, etc. The California State Only Labor Law Poster provides a discrimination notice to inform all employees and management of your zero discrimination tolerance policy.
  • Family Rights Act Notice A & B. You must display, in a conspicuous location, information regarding Notice A and Notice B of the Family Rights Act Notice. Employers are required to provide leave of up to 12-weeks of unpaid to eligible employees in the event of pregnancy, to care for an employee's child after birth, an employee's family member who has a serious illness, or for a serious health condition that affects their ability to their ability to work. The regulation also mandates unpaid leave for up to 26-weeks to address certain qualifying entitlements for a spouse, son, daughter, etc., in the military. The California State Only Labor Law Poster covers all of this information in a clear, summarized and easy-to-read manner.
  • Access to Medical and Exposure Records (Cal/OSHA, 3204). Under CAL/OSHA, employers are required to provide employees of their right and access to medical and exposure records. It's important to communicate the location of records, and who to contact in order to access records. The California State Only Labor Law Poster ensures that you're compliant with this requirement.
  • Time Off to Vote Notice. California law requires that you post a “Time off to Vote” notice, which allows employees to take time off to vote if they cannot do so outside of normal working hours. The California State Only Labor Law Poster includes this notice. Simply post it in a conspicuous location.
  • Emergency Phone Number (CA Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 1512(e). By law, California employers must notify their workforce of important information should any accident or injury occur in the workplace. The California State Only Labor Law Poster provides up-to-date emergency information, in the event of an accident or injury.
  • Smoking Policy (CA Labor Code 6404.5). It is against the law to smoke in California workplaces, except for designated areas. The California State Only Labor Law Poster informs all employees and guests of this law.
  • Paid Disability Leave California law protects employees who are pregnant, have a related medical condition, or are recovering from childbirth protection from discrimination while at work. The California State Only Labor Law Poster provides clear, summarized state disability insurance for all employees to review as necessary. You are required by law to post this information in a conspicuous location.

The California State Only Labor Law Poster mandates you fill-in key details. Sections to fill-in on the poster are:

Workers' Compensation: Ensure that all workers have access to workers' compensation information such as your insurance carrier and ID number, should they need to contact your company representative in response to a workplace accident, injury, or illness

Emergency Information: Use this form to provide all employees pertinent emergency contact information, such as: ambulance, hospital, fire-rescue info, physician, police, and CAL/OSHA contact.

Access to Medical and Exposure Records By CAL/OSHA Regulation: Provide the mandatory information employees need, should they need to contact the company representative who manages internal medical and exposure records.

Pay Day Notice: The state of California mandates that employers notify their employees of payday schedules. Utilize your State Only poster to notify your employees of this mandatory information by including the day and frequency of payment within your poster.

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