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Unemployment Insurance

Workers' Compensation
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Alaska Able & Available FFAK020
Alaska Affidavit of Readiness for Hearing (07-6107) FFAK110
Alaska Application for Certificate of Self-Insurance 07-6129 FFAK155
Alaska Benefit Amount FFAK015
Alaska Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Questionnaire FFAK240
Alaska Claim for Benefits (07-6106) FFAK105
Alaska Compelling Reasons Questionnaire FFAK245
Alaska Compensation Report (07-6104B) FFAK095
Alaska Complete 2008 Rate Tables FFAK205
Alaska Compromise and Release Agreement Summary 07-6117 FFAK135
Alaska Controversion Notice (07-6105) FFAK100
Alaska Death Benefits Report 07-6118 FFAK140
Alaska Direct Deposit FFAK010
Alaska Employers' Notice of Insurance 07-6120 FFAK145
Alaska Evidence FFAK025
Alaska Fisherman's Fund Claim Form 07-6125 FFAK225
Alaska Instructions and form for Executive Officer Waiver 07-6131 FFAK185
Alaska Instructions for 2008 Rate Tables FFAK215
Alaska Labor Dispute FFAK030
Alaska Medical Summary (07-6103) FFAK090
Alaska Miscellaneous FFAK035
Alaska Misconduct FFAK040
Alaska Notice Of Possible Claim Against The Second Injury Fund FFAK075
Alaska Notice of Possible Claim Against the Second Injury Fund (07-6110) FFAK120
Alaska Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance FFAK060
Alaska OSH Manager's Handbook FFAK250
Alaska Petition (07-6111) FFAK125
Alaska Petition to Join Second Injury Fund and Claim for Reimbursement Form (07-6109) FFAK115
Alaska Physician's Report (07-6101) FFAK085
Alaska Physician's Report 07-6126 FFAK230
Alaska Power of Attorney FFAK065
Alaska Reemployment Benefits FFAK220
Alaska Release of Counseling, Psychological, Psychiatric, or Alcohol/Drug/Substance Abuse Treatment FFAK195
Alaska Release of Medical Information FFAK190
Alaska Renewing Status as A Self-Insured Employer in Alaska 07-6130 FFAK160
Alaska Report of Occupational Injury and Illness (07-6110) FFAK080
Alaska Report of Vessel/Site Insurance FFAK235
Alaska Request for Conference 07-6135 FFAK165
Alaska Request for Cross-examination 07-6174 FFAK170
Alaska Request for Release of Information 07-6121 FFAK150
Alaska Second Independent Medical Evaluation (SIME) FFAK200
Alaska Spendable Income Table for 2008 - Supplement A FFAK210
Alaska Subpoena (07-6112) FFAK130
Alaska Suitable Work FFAK045
Alaska Total & Partial Unemployment FFAK050
Alaska Unemployment Benefits Handbook FFAK005
Alaska Voluntary Leaving FFAK055
Alaska Waiver of Reemployment Benefits (Form) FFAK180
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