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Unemployment Insurance

Workers' Compensation
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Virginia Agreement to Pay Benefits (Form 4) FFVA210
Virginia Amputation Chart - Foot FFVA270
Virginia Amputation Chart - Hand FFVA265
Virginia Benefits Rights Information (7-07) FFVA035
Virginia Benefits Table 2005 FFVA030
Virginia Benefits Table 2006 FFVA025
Virginia Benefits Table 2007 FFVA020
Virginia Benefits Table 2008 FFVA015
Virginia Contractor's Certification of Insuring Liability for Workers' Compensation (Form 61A) FFVA365
Virginia Employer's Accident Report (Form 3) FFVA215
Virginia Employer's Application for Hearing FFVA175
Virginia Employer's Report of Separation & Wage Information FFVA080
Virginia Handbook for Claimants and Job Seekers FFVA005
Virginia Handbook for Claimants and Job Seekers - Spanish Version FFVA010
Virginia Initial Claim for Workers' Compensation Benefits FFVA180
Virginia Instructions for Mass Filing of Initial and Additional Claims FFVA045
Virginia Lump Sum Agreement (Form 12A) FFVA275
Virginia Major Legislative Changes FFVA055
Virginia Memorandum of Agreement for Payment of Compensation in a Fatal Case (Form 35) FFVA255
Virginia Notice of Cancellation or Non-Renewal (Form 45H) FFVA350
Virginia Notice of Cancellation or Non-Renewal (Form 45H-GSIA) FFVA355
Virginia Notice of Intended Regulatory Action, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission FFVA160
Virginia Notice Terminating Prior Rejection of Coverage (Form 17A) FFVA345
Virginia Overview of the Peer Review Program (Form PR51) FFVA285
Virginia Parental Guarantee (Form 22) FFVA375
Virginia Petition Under Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Act (Form BR1) FFVA420
Virginia Physician's Report (Form 6) FFVA260
Virginia Rejection of Coverage (Form 16A) FFVA340
Virginia Report of Medical Costs (Form 45-G) FFVA230
Virginia Report of Minor Injuries (Form 45-A) FFVA225
Virginia Request for Mediation FFVA220
Virginia Request for Peer Review (Form PR50) FFVA280
Virginia Self Insurance Bond (Form 21A) FFVA385
Virginia Supplemental Agreement to Pay Benefits (Form 4A) FFVA290
Virginia Supplemental Agreement to Pay Varying Temporary Partial Benefits (Form 4G) FFVA295
Virginia Supplementary Report (Form 3A) FFVA245
Virginia Supplementary Report for Fatal Accidents (Form 3B) FFVA250
Virginia Termination of Wage Loss Award (Form 46) FFVA235
Virginia Unpublished Court of Appeals Opinions FFVA065
Virginia VWC 2001 Statistical Report FFVA135
Virginia VWC 2002 Statistical Report FFVA130
Virginia VWC 2003 Statistical Report FFVA125
Virginia VWC 2004 Statistical Report FFVA120
Virginia VWC 2005 Statistical Reports FFVA115
Virginia VWC 2006 Annual Report FFVA105
Virginia VWC 2007 Annual Report FFVA100
Virginia Wage Chart FFVA235
Virginia Waiver of Occupational Disease (Form 9A) FFVA360
Virginia Workers' Compensation Notice Poster FFVA085
Virginia Workers' Compensation Notice Poster - Spanish Version FFVA090
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