Minnesota Injury Reporting for Workers? Comp

Minnesota is another one of those states, like Massachusetts, where it depends on how long your employee is out of work when it comes to which forms, and to whom, you the employer have to submit.

For instance, if your employees are out of work for more than three days in Minnesota, then you have to file a First Report of Injury form to the state Department of Labor and Industry, as well as to your workers’ comp insurance company. If the disability doesn’t last that long, then you still have to submit a First Report of Injury form to the workers’ comp insurance carrier.

You have no more than 10 days after your employee reports an injury to you to get that form filled out and sent in. The rules in Minnesota state that you also have a copy out eventually to the employee himself or herself, and a copy to their union if they belong to one.

When you give the employee the First Report of Injury form, you also have to five them another form for them to fill out. It’s called the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation System Employee Information Sheet, which gives your employees the basic info they nee to navigate the system and not feel threatened or frightened by what’s going on around them.

And what will go on around them, after you successfully get these forms into the respective parties, will be an investigation by your insurance company into whether or not the injury and accident were truly work related and deserving of workers’ comp payments, or not.

During this whole process, you might want to use a workers’ comp information sheet for your employees, so they have as much information on what their rights and responsibilities are. For instance, make sure they know that they are to keep you abreast of all the goings on with their medical condition and doctors visits.

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