Louisiana Drug Free Workplace

Quite a number of job-related accidents that result in illness and injury are related to drug use.  One industry that is of particular concern to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is construction.  The hazards of improper handling of machinery among other things, such as falling debris are dangerous enough without the impairment of drugs of alcohol.

The Louisiana drug free workplace program launched a VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) towards the end of last year called the VPP Mobile Workforce Demonstration for Construction.  This program is specifically designed for mobile construction sites.  The Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Edwin Foulke, says that the program “offers construction employers with mobile construction workforces and short term projects the same opportunity for recognition that fixed-site employers receive.”  He also stated that the program “recognizes those construction companies that should be held up as models of safety and health for the rest of the industry.”

Not all of the mobile construction site companies and contractors are required to participate in the program, it is optional.  It is, however, to the benefit of these businesses to participate, because of the proven boost in employee morale and reduction in costs.  Part of promoting a healthy and safe environment for workers is maintaining a drug free workplace.  This VPP is instrumental in adding protection to employees through efforts to keep the worksite drug free.  Worker deaths, injuries and illnesses have reduced for those companies that opted to take part in the program.

All VPPs have to be submitted to the OSHA for approval.  They will take the time to make sure that the plan is an effective improvement to the conditions already in place.  The OSHA has been approving VPPs ever since 1982.  Employers and employees who show that they are making extended efforts to improve worker safety and health through Voluntary Protection Programs are officially recognized by the OSHA.  High safety standards in the workplace are something that they commend. 

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