Kentucky Labor Law Board

The Kentucky labor board is a governing board that helps in the management and the enforcement of the labor laws of the state.  The board takes into consideration many of the needs of the worker as well as the employer within the state of Kentucky.  They insure that the employees will get fair training and pay.  The board’s goal is to provide for a work environment that is positive, free from conflict and offers the right benefits and tools for the employee. 

If you find yourself in need of help, the Department of Labor has many benefits that can help you in finding solutions to your needs.  The Kentucky labor board offers many pieces of help to those that are looking for work.  Many areas of the state are facing job loses as part of the economic decline in many smaller areas.  Nevertheless, the state offers many tools to aid those that are looking for help in getting back into the workforce. 

The Department of Labor’s labor board has the ability to provide a good amount of information as well as keys to aiding those that need work, businesses that need employees as well as provides for governing the laws of the land as far as the workforce goes. 

If you need help with such aspects as worker’s safety, worker’s compensation claims, help with standards that need to be enforced in the workplace or help with medication and relations with employees or employers, the Kentucky labor board is the place to go for that help.  Currently the state is conducting a survey and doing hearings with the possibility of raising the minimum wage of the state.  They are also working on getting more jobs to be created within the state.  These are all things that are necessary for those that live in Kentucky and you can count on finding out what happens through the Department of Labor.

Detailed information regarding specific Kentucky labor laws can be found on the Kentucky Complete Labor Law poster.

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