Kansas (KS) Job Discrimination Law in the Workplace

If you live or work in the state of Kansas you should be aware that there laws protecting you from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. There are federal statutes that address certain areas of discrimination and employment and many states have adopted their own policies as well. Kansas is one such state; in fact they have set up the Kansas Human Rights Commission to educate the public, enforce the rules and take complaints about discrimination.

The goal of the Kansas Human Rights Commission is to prevent and eliminate discrimination and assure equal opportunities in all employment relations. UnderKansas (KS) Job Discrimination Law in the Workplace it is considered unlawful employment practice for an employer because of the race, religion, color, sex; disability, National origin or ancestry of any person, to refuse to hire or employ such person to bar or discharge such person from employment or to otherwise discriminate against such person in compensation or in terms, conditions, or privileges of employment; to limit, segregate, separate, classify or make any distinction in regards to employees; or to follow any employment procedure or practice which, in fact, results in discrimination, segregation or separation without a valid business necessity. It is also against the law to discharge, retaliate or in any other way discriminate against an individual for their opposition to practices covered under these laws or for filing a complaint regarding such matters.

It is also considered a violation of Kansas (KS) Job Discrimination Law in the Workplace for any employer to seek to obtain, to obtain or to use genetic screening or testing information of an employee or a prospective employee to distinguish between or discriminate against or restrict any right or benefit otherwise due or available to an employee or a prospective employee; or to subject, directly or indirectly, any employee or prospective employee to any genetic screening or test.

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