Kansas Drug Free Workplace News

Schools are not the only place to keep drug free. There is a program out there to help keep work environments drug free. Illegal drug use and alcohol abuse is a prevalent issue in our society. There are over 12 million adults who have drug problems and a job. Being employed does not mean that the misuse of alcohol or drugs is changed.

That is why the Kansas Drug Free Workplace Alliance was created in 2004. The Department of Labor was involved in the agreement to improve worker safety and health. Problems with attendance, errors and accidents are costly to many of America’s companies. Higher rates of sickness and low motivation among employees are also expenses for many businesses, on a smaller scale. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) supports the alliance, and wants employers to be aware that they can play a role in keeping the work environment healthy and safe.

The current Kansas Drug Free Workplace Alliance has been expanded. Recent changes were made in the presence of Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor. The OSHA acknowledges that drugs and alcohol creates hazards in the workplace that would not otherwise be an issue. Impaired judgment and senses are especially a threat when workers have to operate machinery. According to the OSHA, positive drug or alcohol results are recorded for 20% of work related deaths.

Employers that take part in the alliance often hold random drug testing for current employees. Another way that employers work to keep a safe and health environment at their companies is to require drug screening prior to hiring someone. It is highly encouraged by the OSHA for businesses to educate their employees about the hazards substance abuse can cause on the job. People who need assistance in breaking these poor habits should be encouraged to get the help they need.

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