Iowa Labor Law Board

The Iowa Labor Law Board offers a great deal of regulation to those of us that are living within Iowa. This governmental agency is the one that we should call on if we need help with our business or our boss. What’s more is that they govern quite a few aspects of our lives that we do not realize. Therefore, it is very important for those of us that are citizens of this state to realize what the current laws are as well as what is being done to improve our state, our employment opportunities as well as our safety and well being.

Providing information is a key aspect for the Department of Labor. They provide us with information such as how well the economy is doing in Iowa. Currently, the unemployment rate for the state is set at 3.6 percent, which is more than a full percent under the national unemployment rate and this number has steadily gone down most of this year. Providing this type of information allows the Iowa Labor Law Board to really be able to tell us how the state is doing in the job market and as compared to the rest of the country.

Another key aspect to the Iowa Labor Law Board is the setting of laws within the state. For example, the board is responsible for insuring that the minimum rate paid to workers in the state is fair. Currently, the minimum wage for Iowa is that of $5.15 cents, which the national rate is. But, there is talk about this rate being increased and it is sure that the Iowa Labor Law Board is considering whether or not raising this rate is the right thing to do currently. No matter what happens, it is important to know who is in charge of regulating all of these laws and insuring that our life and our lifestyle are maintained because of it.

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