Arizona Labor Law Board

In Arizona the Industrial Commission of Arizona is the governing body of labor issues.  It was originally founded to help with workers compensation issues in 1925.  Since then this organization has taken on almost all of the responsibilities that are associated with the laws of labor to help you in Arizona.  The commission is run by a five member committee.  This five member committee is picked by the governor of the state however approvals of these appointments must go through the state’s legislature.

This organization oversees all of aspects of labor laws for you.  These range from protecting the minor workers in the state to administering the health and safety of the various employers throughout the state.  This commission also helps you to handle all issues in regards to workers compensation and wage issues.  They are also responsible for the control of OSHA in the state of Arizona, thus making them the overseers of your safety while working.  They work to make sure that you are always in a safe working environment through education and making and enforcing safety rules for the workplace.  They want to provide for you the ability to go into work and not have to worry about whether or not you are going to come home hurt and if so what they are going to do about it.

The ICA is run by Larry Etchechury who is the director as appointed by the governor.  This commission oversees all activities and laws that are provided to protect you.  They cover all areas of labor in the state of Arizona, ranging from minor labor laws to overtime and everything that can be found in between.  They are responsible for both the administration and the enforcement of these laws as well.  They also ensure that companies are in compliance with these laws ion regards to you.

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