10 Steps to Forklift Safety


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The 10 Steps to Forklift Safety Poster should be prominently displayed in all places of work in which a forklift is operated. According to OSHA regulations, whenever there is a forklift, operators need to be properly trained in forklift operations as well as in inspection of the forklift so that they can detect potential safety hazards.

The 10 Steps to Forklift Safety Poster outlines the 10 necessary steps needed to ensure safe operation of the truck, including training of the forklift operator, training in how to properly load and unload the forklift, and training for how to drive the forklift safely. Make sure that each employee that operates a forklift within your business has access to this poster on a regular basis so that it can serve as a reminder for proper forklift operation.

Note: This poster is not intended to provide instructions for how to operate a forklift, such as how to turn it on, use the gears, or change the oil.

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